Paula tattoo artist

About me

Hey, my name is Paula. Probably you would like to know a bit more about me and how I get to tattooing.. My adventure with tattoos started many years ago when I got my first tattoo done by other artist. When I was looking how he tattooing me I couldn't believe how is that possible he can see anything while there is ink all over my skin. It intrigued me so much that with my first earned money I bought the worst tattoo gun you can even imagine to try it out on myself. Hundreds and even thousands YouTube movies doesn't really teach me how to do tattoos so I thought I am gonna go one step forward and make a tattoo on my boyfriend. Once I have done it everyone loves it so I thought maybe I should go for it. Because I am a person with huge imagination and perfection with things I am doing, I couldn't left anyone to be unhappy with their tattoos. I always do my best and I don't want to be an ordinary tattoo artist.. I want to be myself and put all my heart in tattoo art. Even I know I'm at the beginning of this journey and there is a long way ahead of me and hard work I want to be best at it, making people happy and making them to come back to me. That is my target for the future and I will live for it.
Thanks to New Skin Guildford studio for helping me to progress 😉