Ideas for Your Tattoo Sleeve

There are no two tattoos that are ever the same, and when it comes to sleeves, this saying is doubly true. Some sleeves are deliberately planned, some grow organically from smaller tattoos into spiralling designs, others can come from patchworks of different tattoos and almost appear by accident. So, what are some ideas that you might have for your next sleeve?

Be Unique

One of the most important aspects of every tattoo is that they matter to you, either in aesthetics or meaning, so when you’re thinking of getting a sleeve, make sure that it’s unique. At Paula Tattoo in Guildford, I offer an in-depth consultation process to make sure that any tattoo you get is perfect for you and you alone. Whether you’re planning a full sleeve all at once or looking to expand upon an existing tattoo to create a sleeve ad hoc, it’s important that you think about the best ways that the new pieces fit you and your personality and ensure that any specific tattoos work well with your vibe. I can help you along the way during the free consultation offered at Paula Tattoo and ensure that your next sleeve is ideal for you.

Get to an Experienced Artist

When you’ve got your design sorted and made sure that you’ll love it once it’s on, the final step is ensuring that you get to a great tattoo artist to deliver the goods. Make sure that you check out previous work of any artist you chose, speak to them and see how they think about your design and the implementation, and from there you’re good to go. Once you’ve developed a good relationship with your tattooist – and over the course of creating a sleeve, you will! – it’ll become easy for you to know how to make ad hoc adjustments and get your tattoo looking exactly how you want it. With an expert tattoo artist, such as the one’s you’ll find in Paula Tattoo in Guildford, you can’t go wrong.

Get in Touch Today

If you’re in and around Guildford and the surrounding areas, make sure to get in contact with the team at Paula Tattoo for the best advice on your next step. We’ll take care of all your ink needs and give you a piece of art worth showing off.

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